Even the New York Highway use Tax- HUT has to be compensated by each carrier proprietor in the states – while travelling interstate, particularly if you’re operating a car on public highways in New York.

Here, you have to pay the tax by keeping track of the miles travelled around the Highways in New York. But this excludes the toll that you paid in parts of this State Thru way. Additionally, trucks or conveys exposed to the Highway use tax has to keep the documents of those miles travelled each day while at New York by following the principles concerning each vehicle subject to the tax.

The charges are dependent on the estimated weight of the car together with the method employed you decide to examine the tax.

Certification of enrollment and Decals

Thus, before you begin travelling to the public highways of NY, then be certain that you get a certification of booklet and registration of each automobile that falls beneath highway use tax. Below, We’ve mentioned that the two basic Kinds of enrollment, you can think about:

There are two Kinds of registrations that You Have to go through, and they’re:

  • A Highway Use Tax certificate of registration is the must for any heavy vehicle such as truck, tractor, carrier, or any other self-propelled vehicle with a total weight of 18,000 pounds or more. In case you choose to consider the unloaded weight method to file your tax and returns, the certificate is important, especially if your truck is unloaded over 8,000 pounds and a tractor over 4,000 pounds.
  • An AFC- automotive fuel carrier certificate of registration- it is a must for any truck or carrier, a trailer, or any other attached device during the travel- with the same weight and unloaded weight rules applied.

Access Of Temporary Registration Permits

If you are traveling in New York occasionally, then you may be provided with an option to purchase a trip certification for the same. Furthermore, this will also allow you to operate a vehicle in the state of New York without having to register your vehicle, acquire a decal, or even file the tax returns related to HUT. You must also keep the documents safe for at least 4 years, to show that your business’s compliance with the jurisdiction.

Please note: Some carriers can be excluded from acquiring the trip certifications, nut with the following limitations:

You cannot apply for a permit for more than ten trips in a year.

  • The trip certificates do not apply to the trucks transporting automotive fuel.

Record keeping Essentials

You must keep your records intact for every vehicle that has been issued with the certificate of registration. Keep the record related to the trailers or other attachments. Remember, your records must differentiate the operations of your carrier subject to the tax.

Try to keep all the documents that you might need to calculate the New York HUT liability. Also, the records must highlight the actual miles traveled by you in New York. You must also record the documents within the State unless you are asked to remove them by the Tax Department. Additionally, you need to keep a record of all the documents for at least 4 years and they must be kept handy for inspection by the Tax Department.

Video Source: NYSTaxDept

Certification requirements along with the due dates

If you have successfully acquired a certificate of registration- except HUT certification, then you must immediately file for the same even if you have no pending dues, or even if another person will pay the tax amount on the use of the automobile operated under the certificate of registration. You can file it using two files:

  • Web-based File: You may web-based file for your HUT tax return. Here, you can undergo the following to apply for the same:
    • You can use the automatic calculations of amounts outstanding.
    • Go for the direct payment option using the wire- transfer.
    • Get instant confirmation.
  • File using email: You can also file a paper tax return using form number MT-903.

Enforcement Provisions
In case you are not able to comply with the HUT Law, the Tax Department can do the following:

  • Deny issuing you a certificate of registration to operate a vehicle in the State.
  • They may suspend or revoke your permit for any violation of the provisions of the NY HUT.

In case you fail to comply with the HUT law you may be charged with criminal fines, imprisonment, or both.


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